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Introducing New Button Product #3: Button Bracelets!

We are now on new button product #2 out of the six we promised you a couple months ago. We have already discussed button display racks and deluxe foam discs, and now it is time for an even more exciting new product...if you can believe it! Well, believe it, because we are introducing into the button marketplace a product never-before-seen at the 1" size: button bracelets.

Bracelet Here is what you need to know about them:
  • The new large gluing pad incorporates low profile links that accept 1" Flat Back Buttons.
  • Whether you are making a monogrammed button, using designer fabrics, or making standard paper buttons, all you have to do is simply glue your favorite buttons to this 8" long bracelet.
And that's it. Why are we so confident that button bracelets are going to be huge? Because, again, nobody else has it, let alone one that works the very popular 1” size. Check them out. You'll be able to wow people at your next craft fair or trade show with something they probably never even considered! Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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