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Introducing 1 inch Ponytail Sets!

When ancient man needed to find a more efficient mode of transportation, it resulted in the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia around the 5th millenium B.C. When colonial American man needed a way to light dark rooms other than the candle, it led to the inspiration of that famous stormy night in Philadelphia and, ultimately, the invention of electricity. And when society was plagued by loaf after loaf of frustratingly unsliced bread, it led to what was, at the time, the greatest invention in the history of the world and perhaps the entire universe. Yes, you know of what I am speaking: sliced bread. But today, ladies and gentleman of the buttonsphere, is truly a landmark day. Why? Because no longer will great things be called "the greatest thing since sliced bread." 1 inch ponytail sets - 1" ponytail holdersNo, there is now an even greater discovery, a greater invention, that surpasses even the previously peerless greatness of sliced bread. Thus, henceforth, whenever something great or fantabulous happens, you will now all be compelled to use the phrase in its new incarnation: ..."the greatest thing since 1" ponytail holders." That's right folks, the long anticipated day is here: 1" ponytail holders are are now a reality. You asked and American Button Machines listened, and we are now proud to announce our brand yaba-daba-new 1" ponytail sets, which have never before been available for purchase anywhere. These groundbreaking ponytail holders are the smallest size that you can purchase for making paper-style graphic buttons. But here's the best part: they are just as easy to make and assemble as our larger sizes! So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to American Button Machines to witness something that truly is better than sliced bread. One of the world's most famous sayings -- and, most importantly, 1 inch ponytails -- will never be the same again! To learn how to make ponytail buttons, watch the video below. (Quick note: the actual button sizes used in the video are 1.5" buttons, not 1". The process, however is just as easy.) [flv: 350 250] Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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