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How to Make a Custom DIY Pinback Badge Button

[Note: If you're thinking to yourself, "Hey! I've seen this post before!" you might be right. This post was originally published on December 3rd, 2008. We are cycling it back to the front of the blog so our new readers are made aware of it, as the content is no less relevant today. And besides, it's always good to review...]


There are a wide variety of uses for pinback buttons. From political campaigns to novelty items, pinback buttons are everywhere. With a professional button maker, like the ones we offer, the process for making a custom pinback button is both quick and easy. The first step in the process is designing the button and getting the supplies ready. Designs can be printed off from the computer and, after being cut out with a circle cutter, are ready to be pressed in the button maker. As seen in the video below, after the pinback button is designed and the button making supplies are gathered, they are placed in the two rotating dies on the button maker. The first die contains the button's front shell, graphic, and protective clear plastic laminate (aka "mylar"). This die is then rotated into the press, which is pulled down to make the button front. While the first die is still under the press, the pinback is placed in the second die, which is then rotated into the press. A second pull of the lever on the button maker will press the back of the button into the front, and the end result is a custom pinback button. The whole process is extremely simple and takes no more than 10 seconds, with the end result being a perfect pinback button. (If the movie is not visible, follow the link to see how to make a custom DIY pinback badge button.) With a button maker, it is easy to quickly produce a large number of buttons. These buttons have a number of applications, from promotional items for a small company, to novelty items for a school or church fundraiser. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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