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Customer Spotlight: Chicago Love, Lobsters Again, and Fundraising Fun!

It's that time...time for another ABM Customer Spotlight! If you didn't know, we enthusiastically encourage any and all Button Blog visitors to submit their favorite buttons to us for display here in the Customer Spotlight. You can submit your buttons by clicking here. In this edition, we have three compelling buttons to place in the spotlight.

From: Jenny Husted

Website: Description: I made the "Chicago Love" pinback button set to pay homage to my city! These are my illustrations made into buttons. chicago-button-set

© Jen Husted-Goss

From: Larry Sementini

Description: Each year since the early '70s a few of our car club members began inviting a group of us to their ocean-front home in Maine. This is a button I designed for 2010 with help of a friend's Photoshop efforts using that shore location. The views are breathtaking. I've been responsible for designing and making these event buttons for years with the help of several others. This was the first time I used my photo as background, and it was well-received by the event chairwoman and others. buttonFinal-Medium-cop


From: Karin Bingham

Website: Description: I'm helping my niece's marching band with a fundraiser. Here are a few of my finished buttons that we will be selling at the next game. Everyone in the Band Boosters is excited about this fundraiser. buttons


Thank you Karin, Larry, and Jenny for your submissions! Who's next!? Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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