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Button University Lesson 7: Button Template Guidelines

Good afternoon! In yesterday's Button University lesson, we let you in on the small differences between the beginner button making system and the professional button making system. Our hope is that the information is helpful for you as you decide the best system for your needs. Today we are going to be talking about Button Templates and Guidelines for using them. Let's get started. As you can imagine, the last thing any of us wants is to spend a lot of time designing a button, only to find out that all the dimensions are off and the photograph of Uncle Larry seems to have him missing an arm once you put the poor guy in the button. So, in order to help you avoid unnecessary frustration and to help Uncle Larry keep his arm, here are the tools for your templates.
  • Pick a software program. We recommend using the Build-a-Button Online Design Center, developed by ABM or Corel Draw. Build-a-Button is our economical option that allows you to design buttons ready for printing. The biggest benefit to using Build-a-Button is that you do not have to make your own templates because the software does it for you! You can also design buttons with other software packages such as Adobe and Microsoft products.  In a previous post here at The Button Blog we discussed button making software in more depth.
Once you've picked the best software program for your button creations, you are well on your way to a worry free day in the world of button making! I'll look forward to your visit tomorrow in Button University's Lesson 8, where we answer the question, "How easy is it to make buttons?" Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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