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Button Making Software - Free Upgrades - Build-a-Button 5.1

Button making software is an essential in the button making business and ABM's Build-a-Button 5.0 is one of the most popular options out there.  Now, thanks to your suggestions, it just got even better!  The best news is if you are a current member of Build-a-Button 5.0, this will all be yours automatically with no additional charge!

We asked you to tell us what enhancements you would like to see and you did an incredible job of letting us know!  We received so much great feedback from our users and we are very proud to present the features that made the final list, resulting in what is now Build-a-Button 5.1!

Text Wrap FeatureBy far the absolute most asked for feature was the return of the ability to wrap words and phrases in a single text box and since your wish is our command, you got it!  You can even adjust the line height so it fits just perfect.  Ease and convenience are the name of the game with this one.  No matter how much you have to say, it will all go together in one uniform text box!

A very close second was the option to upload your own font into the program.  Type on Top of Accent RingAlthough BAB has over 600 stock fonts to offer, sometimes you need 601 so we are giving you the freedom to express yourself in whatever font your heart desires!  Even better, when you open your button back up for printing or editing, the custom font you selected will still be there so no more searching or trying to remember what you used.  As if that wasn't enough fun with text and fonts, you can also now add text on top of accent rings!  Who knew you could have this much fun with fonts?!?

Enhanced Grid LinesThird on the popularity charts, and amazingly helpful, is the ability to crop images in a circle so they are perfectly suited for placement in your button!  To help with that perfect placement, we have added an enhanced grid view as a bonus.  We have all experienced the frustration of trying to make that square picture fit in that round template but those days are now a thing of the past thanks to your suggestions and the new Build-a-Button 5.1

Should you find yourself one of the fortunate folks who own the coveted 2 x 3 Vertical Templaterectangular button machines, you are no longer limited to creating your vertical designs in a horizontal view.   You can turn those buttons on their end and see exactly what it's going to look like without having to practice your latest Yoga move at the same time!  


Monogram featureFor those of you who do weddings and customized designs, you'll love our new monogram feature.  You can make professional, perfectly proportioned monograms instantly and easily in your choice of 3 different styles including circular, heart shaped and scalloped.  Thanks to our new color picker tool, you can choose from 66 preset colors or create one of your own to enhance that beautiful new monogram, background, accent ring or text!  It will even save that perfect new color you chose so you don't have to create it again.

Whew!  That's a ton of great new stuff, but wait!  There's more....

Did you need to make buttons at 9:00 pm only to find that your BAB membership has expired and you can't get it activated until our office opens in the morning?  No more!  When you place your order for membership it will immediately activate giving you access exactly when you need it!  Do you need just a quick fill in for your membership?  We have you covered there too with our new 1 week membership option!

After you've made that incredible masterpiece and you're ready to save it, you'll New Easier Buttonsfind clear, easy to understand buttons to guide you through the process.  No need to guess where to click.  With these super easy to follow guides you are just a mere click away from preserving your button mastery!  Any function you may need now has clearer wording to make it easy to navigate your way.  When you're ready to print, 5.1 will automatically create consecutive pages that are all the same size when you have multiple designs so no more hassles with paper size.  You have total control in BAB 5.1!

Decorative BordersFinally, just for fun, we are adding 30+ patterned accent rings!  You will find them in the left hand column under "borders".  Choose from designs including holidays, special occasions, seasonal and just for fun whimsical!  There is something for everyone and every button!

As fabulous as it is, Build-a-Button 5.1 is still currently a BETA test site which means we are still working out a few kinks.  That's where you can help!  You still have access to 5.0 so never fear but if you want to be a part of making everyone's button making dreams come true, just let us know about any issues you experience while using the program.  Should you have any challenges, we ask that you email us at with a screen shot and the following information:

1)  Have you cleared your web browser's cache?

2)  What operating system are you using?

3)  What browser and version are you using?

4)  What are the steps we need to follow to recreate this issue?

5)  What components are you using in your button (i.e. backgrounds, photos, accent rings, etc.)  Send us a copy of any files you are using that we need to help us recreate the issue.

Well that's it for this round of enhancements but keep your eyes peeled, there is MUCH more to come!!  Be the first to hear about all of the great happenings at ABM by joining us in The Pinback Button Making Community!  We hope to see you there but until then....happy button making!

The Pinback Button Making Community


 By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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