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American Button Machines vs Badge-a-Minit Magnet Sets | ABM vs BAM

Continuing our March Magnets theme this week I’m sharing with you a few of the differences between American Button Machines (ABM) magnet sets and those of Badge-a-Minit (BAM).

March Magnets Title Fight:  ABM vs BAM

Round One: Size Options ABM (us) has magnet sets available in 1”, 1.25”, 1.5”, 1.75”, 2.25”, 3” and 3.5” BAM (them) magnet sets are limited to 2.25” & 3” Winner: ABM   ABM vs BAM Magnet   Round Two: Appearance ABM’s (Us) peel & stick magnets cover the entire surface of the button back providing a professional looking button. BAM (Them) have a small square magnet covering a tiny portion of the button surface. Winner: ABM         Round Three: Cost ABM's (Us) price for 100 2.25" magnet sets -  $29.95* BAM's (Them) price for 100 2.25" magnet sets - $83.95* Winner: ABM   Round Four: B.A.M Sized Magnets (ABM plays on BAM's home court) Did you know that Badge-a-Minit just sells proprietary sized buttons that only fit their machines? Did you know ABM sells Badge-a-Minit sized magnet sets, too? We do – and for a lot less money. And we include the larger magnet to cover the entire back surface, once again a more professional looking button. ABM's (us) price for BAM sized magnets: $29.95* BAM's (them) price for BAM sized magnets $83.95* Winner: ABM So let’s review – variety of sizes, larger magnet, professional appearance, less money & we sell theirs too… hmmm. I think that says it all. And after four rounds, the March Magnets winner and still reigning champion....American Button Machines!   Until next time, Happy Button Making! fabric_machine_sm By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM *Published Prices-March 2014

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