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ABM Button Making Ideas - Keep Them Safe With Buttons!

ABM Button Making Ideas
ABM Button Making Ideas highlights the best of The Pinback Button Making Community and this week we celebrate Tiffany McCoy-Arts!
Tiffany has been gracious enough to share many of her buttons with us in TPBMC but this week she shared a very special button that could potentially save a life.  Tiffany's uncle has Alzheimer's Disease and as anyone who has had the misfortune of being experienced in dealing with someone who suffers this affliction can attest, wandering and getting lost is a very real and very dangerous problem.  They often find themselves away from home and unable to remember where they live or a phone number to call for help.
Identification ButtonFor Tiffany, the solution was clear.  She created a button that he can wear on his shoe that will alert anyone who comes into contact with him that he is an Alzheimer's patient along with his name and a phone number making it easy for anyone to help him get home.  She even created a super cool presentation card to hold them so she can offer them in her line for others who may have a need.  Tiffany simply says, "figured it may help my aunt a bit."  I have a feeling this idea will help many find their way, Tiffany.  
This most certainly is not the only great idea Tiffany has shared.  One of my Zipper Bag with Zipper Pull and Pinback Buttonpersonal favorites is her zipper bags that come complete with a matching zipper pull and pinback button.  Just for fun she made one for a personal friend of hers that featured a childhood hero of mine, Wonder Woman! Although Wonder Woman is sadly not for sale, she makes a variety of others in a multitude of themes and characters that are all amazing!
Zipper PullsShe became a bit of a Wonder Woman herself around Valentine's Day when her son needed something to take for his class party.  Mom to the rescue with zipper pulls!  What kid doesn't need a fun one of those?  I'm pretty sure we here at ABM could certainly find a use for those adorable emoji faces she created!  
So many great ideas are being shared every day in The Pinback Button Making Community but you have to be a member to share in the excitement!  Tiffany just won a $10 ABM Gift Card just for doing what she loves and being a part of a fun, supportive group full of ideas and new friends!  Wouldn't you like to be next?
Until next time....happy button making!
The Pinback Button Making Community
By Brighid Brown, Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM 

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