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The Button Blog - American Button Machines — Keychains

Button University Lesson 9: Fabric Button Machines and Systems

Our Fabric Button Machine allows you to make your own fabric buttons or ponytail holders! In fact, Using our large eyelet two-piece button sets, fabric covered buttons can be attached to shoe laces, flip flops, shoe charms, hair ties & more!

Button University Lesson 2: Button Sizes - Choosing the Right One

On Friday, we introduced you to our new series of posts that highlight some of the information available at the Button University resource of our main website. The first post in the series provided step-by-step instructions for any button making project. Today, we delve into an important decision that must be made when you are making buttons: with all of the different button sizes available, which one should you use for your project?

Fabric Button How-To Series: The Many Varied Uses of Fabric-Covered Buttons

With a little creativity and the right equipment, an embroidery business can expand their offering of fabric-covered buttons and sell a large variety of novelty buttons with a number of different applications.

Using a 1” Button Making Machine to Make Keychains

There are a number of other novelty items that can be quickly and easily produced with a button making machine, including keychains, ponytail holders, and zipper pulls.


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