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The Button Blog - American Button Machines — How-To Videos by ABM

New Build-a-Button Tutorial: Layers and Color Picker

We've posted a new tutorial to help you better utilize the Build-a-Button Online Design Center! This tutorial walks you through the layer capabilities of the Build-a-Button Online Design Center, as well as the color picker function that allows you to create a custom color from any pixel on the screen. ----- To see all of our Build-a-Button tutorials, click here. Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

How To Make Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry With 1" Buttons

In this post, we are going to present all of our Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™ tutorial videos in one place along with written instructions so that everyone will know how to make interchangeable magnetic jewelry with 1" buttons and see how simple the process is.

How To Properly Use Magnets With Magneta-Snap™ Pendants - Clarification, Explanation, and Video

Among the few issues that a handful of folks seem to be having concerns magnets, specifically an inability to remove magnets from the pendants. We are writing this post to quickly clear this issue up for anyone who has experienced it.

New Build-a-Button Tutorial on Backgrounds and Opacity

We recently posted a new tutorial for the Build-a-Button Online Design Center that shows you the various background options available, plus how to use the new opacity tool for backgrounds, images, text, and shapes. Watch it, then go build a button!

Button University Lesson 8: Making Buttons Is Easy!

American Button Machine's products make it easy to make a button. In a few simple steps, you are on your way to button making success! Included in this post are step-by-step guidelines and links to quick demonstration videos.


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