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Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry - Magneta Snaps

magnetasnap interchangeable magnetic jewelryinterchangeable magnetic pendant 


3 Quick Questions About Magneta-Snaps™ (With Appropriately "Snappy" Answers...)

1. What Are Magneta-Snaps™? Magneta-Snaps™ are high-quality, nickel-free silver tone interchangeable magnetic pendants into which you can easily snap any 1" button.

2. Why Is Everyone So Excited About MagnetaSnaps? The reason why we and many others are so excited about Magneta-Snaps™ is because they are fun, versatile, and practical. They are also incredibly simple to make and use.

3. How Do MagnetaSnaps Work? Just design and press a 1″ button like you normally would, add a standard or ceramic magnet to the back of the button, then effortlessly snap it into the Magneta-Snaps™ pendant. That's it! Now "Snap To It" and get Magneta-Snaps™ purchasing info at our storefront.

Additional Info About Magneta-Snaps™ These ABM pendant blanks are simple, sleek, and stylish. The thin edge lets your button design speak for itself. If we were to describe Magneta-Snaps™ using the first five words or phrases that come to mind when we think about these wonderfully versatile pendants, we'd say:


  • Solid Construction
  • Classic
  • Timeless
  • Affordable
  • Awesome


What To Do With Magneta-Snaps™ Once you snap your 1" button into the pendant blank, you have numerous possibilities for displaying it. One of the most popular is with our necklace accessories. There are three styles to choose from:


The pendants go with any and all clothing styles from jeans and a t-shirt to business attire to clubwear. Heading to a concert? Make or buy a 1" button featuring the band, snap it in, and display it proudly. Heading to a sporting event? Get a 1" button of the team you support, snap it in, wear it with aplomb. The great thing about Magneta-Snaps™ is you get to decide how it looks and works with your magnets.

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Tell Me About The Magnets There are many different magnet alternatives:

  • Use a standard 1” magnet set
  • Use a standard ceramic magnet set
  • Glue a super strong ceramic magnet to a button: Permanently attach (hot glue) a super strong ceramic magnet to a 1” button.
  • Glue a super strong ceramic magnet to a pendant: Take a single ceramic magnet and attach (hot glue) it directly to the center of a Magneta-Snap. This allows you to use a single ceramic magnet and mix inexpensive collet back buttons.


Why do we offer so many magnet options?

  • If you already have a lot of 1” refrigerator magnets, they work perfectly with Magneta-Snaps™! This way you won’t lose the time and money you have invested in your 1” button collection.
  • Each magnetic option looks slightly different and feels different. Ceramic magnets are slightly heavier but much stronger.
  • If you glue a single ceramic magnet to the pendant, it saves money on buying magnets.


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