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Trying to cut our graphics with scissors is not only slow and tedious work, it leads to defective buttons. If you have to make more than just a few buttons at a time it will end up driving you crazy! We have solved this problem with our professional style paper cutters. We offer 3 styles of paper cutters you can use to make buttons.

1. Adjustable Rotary Cutter | Best for crafts, smaller budgets and small production runs.

2. Punch Cutter | Dynamo & Professional Series

3. Die Cutting Press | High Volume Mass Production  


Adjustable Rotary Cutter | Model 27500  

circle cutter

Our Model 27500 Circle Cutter is a cost effective way to cut out graphics with speed and accuracy. The chassis is made of metal (unlike competitor’s plastic version) and designed to last. The cutting blade is housed inside the cutter so it is safer to use versus an exposed razor blade. The circle cutter is easy to adjust, has a large handle that fits comfortably in your hand and incorporates a top mounted quick-release knob for odd size adjustments. The Model 27500 can cut multiple size circles so you can use this all-in-one paper cutter for different sized button making machines. A cutting plate is included to protect table surfaces while cutting graphics along with two centering templates to assist in accurate cuts. Included with every Beginner Button System, this durable circle cutter cuts a full range of sizes from 1.313" all the way up to to 4". Benefits to this circle cutter are the pre-set stops for five popular button sizes: 1", 1-1/2", 2-1/4", 3", 3-1/2" - allowing for easy and fast adjustments between sizes. From time to time, you will need to replace it’s inexpensive cutting wheel. Click to purchase the Model 27500 Adjustable Rotary Cutter      

Professional Punch Paper Cutter

paper punch cutter for buttons  

The next step up is a punch cutter, which is included in all our Professional Button Systems. If you have the money available in your budget, a punch cutter is well worth the money. Compact and light weight, our punch cutters are made of steel, extremely accurate and easy to use. Simply center your graphic or photo through the top of the punch, press down on the red handle and Viola! The punch cutter precisely cuts your graphic in one motion! Our sharp looking punch cutters are size specific and built to last a lifetime. They are made of steel and are self-sharpening so you never have to replace any cutting blades. They are also covered by our Lifetime Warranty! Click to purchase our Professional Punch Cutters          

Dynamo Hand-Held Punch Cutter T

he Dynamo Punch Cutter is quick, easy to use, and inexpensive. We have taken the precision of our punch cutters and combined it with the lightweight portability of our adjustable circle cutter. You’ll be impressed with how effortlessly this little dynamo will allow you to cut out your artwork!

dynamo paper punch cutter for buttons

Here's how it works: Unlike the adjustable circle cutter, there is no handle to rotate. You simply move from graphic to graphic with speed and ease. Center your graphic using the large centering hole in the top of the Dynamo, press the handle, and - Voila! - a perfect circle! Fast. Easy. Accurate.

Features and Benefits of the Dynamo Punch Cutter:

  • Center graphics easily!
  • The cut graphic slides ride out!
  • It's small, light, and simple to operate!
  • Constructed from sturdy, durable metal!
  • A full circle is punched with one quick squeeze!

Click here to purchase the Dynamo Punch Cutter    

High Volume Die Cutting Press

Do you feel the need for speed? Use our Die Cutting Press for your high volume cutting needs. Quickly cut through 30 graphics at one time! Use the High Volume Die Cutting Press with any of our button machines to make an unbeatable combination.

high volume die cutting press for button making

High Volume Die Cutting Press


    • Ruggedly built structural steel and industrial grade aluminum construction.
    • Ergonomic design and smooth action for operator comfort.
    • Convenient for left, right, or two-hand operation.
    • Toggle-action of press gives enhanced leverage for cutting through a stack of material.
    • Adjustable press ram for easy changes in height adjustments.

  Click here to purchase the Die Cutting Press         


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