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Button University Button Sizes

How to Choose the Right Button Size

Choosing the right button size for your application may seem like a daunting task with all of our choices. However our simple guides will help you narrow down the choices. Need more help? Please contact us, we are happy to assist you with any questions and make recommendations for choosing the right button equipment for your application.

Promotional & Novelty Buttons

1 Inch Buttons

1.25 Inch Buttons

1.50 Inch Buttons

1.75 Inch Buttons

novelty buttons

 Most Popular and Versatile Size

2.25 Inch Buttons

flashing buttons


Photos and Campaigns

2.25 Inch Buttons*

3.0 Inch Buttons

3.5 Inch Buttons

2 Inch x 3 Inch Buttons

Photo Buttoncampaign buttons

* 2.25" photos require a 2225 photo button punch


Rectangle Buttons

1.75 x 2.75 Inch Buttons

2 x 3 Inch Buttons

rectangle buttons


Giant Buttons

6 Inch Buttons

big six inch buttons


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Button Size Chart - What can I make?

Model Size Model 100 1 Inch Model 125 1.25 Inch Model 150 1.5 Inch Model 175 1.75 Inch Model 225 2.25 Inch Model 300 3 Inch Model 350 3.5 Inch Model 600 6 Inch Model 1727 1.75" x 2.75" Model 2020 2 x 2 Inch Model 2030 2 x 3 Inch
Pin Back Buttons
Key Chains
Ponytail Holders
Badge Reels
Tie Tacks
Metal Flat Backs
Bracelets & Rings
Magnetic Jewelry
Zipper Pulls
Flashing Buttons
Bulldog Clips
Bottle Openers
Purse Hangers
Fabric Buttons*


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