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Build-a-Button 5.1 Tutorials

For an upgraded experience, check out our new Build-a-Button 6.0!


This page features video tutorials that show you how to use the Build-a-Button Online Design Center and maximize its extensive capabilities. The first video, Build-a-Button Basics, is posted below and takes you through the essential steps for using the Build-a-Button application. Future videos will break down more intricate processes that the robust Build-a-Button Online Design Center is capable of handling.

Build-a-Button Basics Tutorial


Background and Opacity

In this video, we walk you through how to use the new opacity feature for backgrounds, images, text, and shapes. In addition, we show you the color picker tool and different background options that are available to you.


How to Design Campaign Buttons

This next video shows you how to design campaign buttons easily and quickly using the built-templates and endless color options provided by the Build-a-Button application.



How to Make a Tag Line

This tutorial shows you how to easily create a graphic that, once pressed onto a button, will leave a tagline around the back outer edge. This a perfect place to leave your email address, website address, company name, or phone number.



Color Picker Features

Learn how to color coordinate images and text using the Color Picker Tool.


Upload Custom Fonts

Learn how to upload custom fonts from your computer.


Save and Load Options

Learn the different formats for saving and printing button designs.


Save to Print

Learn how to save to print your button designs.


Save to Edit

Learn how to save button designs so you can edit them again at a later time.


Upload to Edit

Learn how to Upload and Edit previously saved button design.


Load and Print

Learn how to Load and Print several button designs onto a single page. 


CSV File to Print

Learn how to use the Mail Merge (CSV FILE)  function with your button designs.

Automatic Eraser Tool

In this video we describe the Automatic Eraser Tool found in our Build-a-Button 5.1 software.


Manual Eraser Tool

In this video we describe the Manual Eraser Tool found in our Build-a-Button 5.1 software.




Adding a Monogram

Learn how to make monograms using the Monogram Text Tool.




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