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2.25" Photo Punch

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2.25" Photo Punch Cutter

Used to punch photo paper for 2.25" buttons, this table punch is specifically designed for use with heavier photographic material. Final photo cut size is 2.225" round. This special cut will fit the photo on the top surface of the button and the mylar will entrap it. While specifically designed for photo button applications, the Model 2225 Photo Punch Cutter can also be used with standard printer paper.


photo punch cutter for button making

What makes our punch cutters so great?

          • Special paper is not required to make pinback buttons. Simply use photo paper or cut regular printer paper into strips.
          • All metal construction
          • Entire circumference punched at once
          • Clear visual centering
          • Requires very little physical force to operate
          • Compact and light weight
          • Includes our lifetime warranty against defects




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More details on paper cutters for making buttons

Click the following link to see images and read more about our Photo Punch versus a Graphic Punch.


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