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1" Magneta Snap Pendant Kit

  • $6.95

Everyone knows the right piece of jewelry can make or break that great new outfit but sometimes you just can’t find the right shade of blue to match.  You can now design and make your own interchangeable magnetic pendant with the Magneta Snap Kit exclusively from ABM!  Not only can you get the perfect shade of blue for that one special outfit but you can match an entire wardrobe by simply changing the center button in your pendant with the help of our super strong ceramic magnet.  You can change your look to match your mood in under a minute!  Simply make 1" buttons as usual, add a ceramic magnet and place it in the center of the pendant. 


Our Magneta Snap Kit has everything you need including:

  • 1 piece kit: 1 Magneta Snap Pendant, 1 Ceramic Magnet, 10 Mylar, Shells and Collets
  • 5 piece kit: 5 Magneta Snap Pendants, 5 Ceramic Magnets, 10 Mylar, Shells and Collets
  • 10 piece kit: 10 Magneta Snap Pendants, 10 Ceramic Magnets, 10 Mylar, Shells and Collets
  • 25 piece kit: 25 Magneta Snap Pendants, 25 Ceramic Magnets, 25 Mylar, Shells and Collets

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