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Clix Interchangeable Magnetic Bracelet

Clix Interchangeable Magnetic Bracelet

  • $26.95

The best part about Clix Magnetic Interchangeable Bracelet Blanks is that they have a magnet integrated right into the pendant, so you do not have to buy nor affix a magnet to it. You just create your 1" flat back buttons with a button machine, snap them in, and you're good to go!

They are made of zinc alloy and then plated with high-quality nickel-free imitation rhodium to create a polished, shiny finish. Each bracelet blank features decorative edging around the outside of the bezel, which beautifully accentuates your designs. Because of the strong hematite magnet embedded in the base of the interchangeable bracelet blank, flat back buttons fit and stay securely in the pendant base until you change them. Changing the button in and out could not be easier! One piece sample includes free shipping.

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