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model 100 button making machines

Our wide selection of 1 inch Button Making Machines and Button Making Starter Kits make the most popular small sized buttons available on the market today! With a 1" button maker from American Button Machines, you can easily create several hundred buttons an hour. Our machines incorporate a Cam-on-Roller design along with the effective fulcrum position, thus requiring very little physical force to operate. 1 inch buttons are great for:

  • Schools
  • Crafts
  • Gifts
  • Promotional buttons for bands, clubs and organizations
  • Any crafty and fun button purpose you can think of!


Learn how to make 1 inch buttons with our Video Tutorial.

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Model 100 1" Button Making Machine

Model 100 1" Dynamo Button System

Model 100 1" Professional Button System

Model 100 1" Beginner Button Making System

Model 100 1" Button Machine | Pendant Special

Model 100 1" Button Making System | Pendant Special

Model 100 1" Professional Button Making System | Pendant Special

The table below offers a list of supplies that complement our 1" button machine, as well as products that a 1" button machine system can help you create.

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1 Inch Button Machine Products and Supplies

Build-a-Button Online Design Center The best button making software in the history of button making! Get 3 months free access to Build-a-Button with purchase of a Beginner or Professional System!
3 Free Button Design CDs! With every 1" Beginner or Professional System you get our Button Essentials, Artistic Creations-Series One, and Artistic Creations-Series Two Button Design CD's.
Free Shipping! Take advantage of our "Free Shipping Special" on all 1" Button Machine Systems!
Adjustable Circle Cutter Cuts paper, photos, fabric and more!
Dynamo Punch Cutter Hand-held punch cutter for fast, precise cuts every time.
Punch Cutter Heavy duty table-top punch cutter.
High Volume Die-Cutting Press Have a need for speed? Our press cuts 30-50 graphics at a time.
Pinback Buttons Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Collets and Locking Spring Pins
Magnet Sets Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Collets and Self Adhesive Magnet
Medallion Sets Includes: Mylar, Front Shells and Plastic Backs. Flatten your medallions with our flat back adapter.
Metal Flat Back Sets Includes: Mylar, Front Shells and Metal Flat Backs.
Ceramic Magnets Super strong ceramic magnets work with 1" un-pinned buttons.
Magneta-Snaps™ High-quality, nickel-free silver tone interchangeable magnetic pendants into which you can easily snap any 1" button magnet.
Clix™ Bracelets Snap your 1" flat back buttons right in to create a fun, personalized, stylish bracelet!
Clix™ Pendants No need to use a magnet, just “click” in a 1" flat back button to create a customized pendant.
Pony Tail Sets Includes: Mylar, Front Shells, Metal Back with Center Hole, and extra large Eyelet.
Versa Back Keychain Sets Choose from 6 different key chain styles.
Versa Back Zipper Pull Sets Personalize your favorite hoodie, jacket or book bag.
Tie Tack Sets Includes: Foam backed Tie Tack with Clutch. Use with 1" Medallions.
Earring Sets Includes: Surgical steel earring posts with self adhesive disks. Use with 1" Medallions.
Badge Reels Retractable badge reel for making custom ID badges. Use with 1" Metal Flat Backs.
Shoe Charms Snap-inz™ Two-Piece Shoe Charms. Attach the charms to a 1" Medallion with glue and insert it through any hole on your clog.
Button Ring Adjustable stylish silver tone button ring can be used with 1" Medallions. For ages 13 yrs and up.
Bobby Pins Make custom hair pins with our 2" long Bobby Pin Buttons. Simply glue a custom button to the round Bobby Pin Pad


The Model 100 can also produce medallions by making a button without a pin and applying the "Third Press Operation".Save



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