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How to un-jam a button maker machine

How to un-jam a button maker machine. Also known as  HELP! MY BUTTON MAKER IS STUCK!

Though frustrating, this isn’t the catastrophe you may think. If you are unable to rotate the die, to the point where it comes to rest under the upper die, the most likely culprit is a shell stuck in the upper die. To quickly determine if this is the case feel inside the upper die with your finger. There should be a hole directly in the center. If you don’t feel the hole (it’s smooth all the way across) that’s the shell. It’s sitting there all snugly. Remember front shells can nest together so double check when loading the die that you only put in one shell.  

How to un-jam a button maker video tutorial


How to remove a button jam How to remove a button jam
Upper die as it should appear (inverted image) Shell inside upper die (inverted image)


The good news is you can usually remove the shell yourself following any of these methods:

1. Grab the edge with your fingernails and pull it out

2. Use a strong magnet – ABM’s ceramic magnets work great .


ceramic magnet

Ceramic Magnet


3. Use a Pick Tool to puncture the shell with a pick tool directly in the center and pull down. Pick tools have a pointed, curved or bent tip and can be found at most automotive stores or your nearest Sears. We recommend using the version on the right which is bent at a right angle.

How to remove a button jam with pick tools













                                                      Pick Tools

For illustration purposes the button maker in these images has been inverted:  

How to remove a button jam How to remove a button jam How to remove a button jam
Using a pick tool properly Puncture directly in the center of the shell Rotate the tool and pull out the shell



Things not to do:

1. DO NOT pry the shell out with scissors, tweezers, a screw driver or any other sharp object (accept as shown above)

2. DO NOT use any sharp objects around the edge so as not to scratch the die

3. DO NOT attempt to take the button maker apart 


button maker extended warranty


Mylar slipping between the outer plug and inner ring can also result in the die not rotating fully (caused by using more than one piece of mylar). If you can see a piece of the mylar you might be able to pull it out with your fingers. If you are unable to remove the shell or mylar call or email the office. We will make arrangements for you to send your button maker to the repair center.Save



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