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Flashing LED Button Kits

Without a doubt, Flashing LED Button Kits are the most exciting product available in the world of button making. If you want to create eye-catching, attention grabbing artwork for your buttons you can do no better than to use a Flashing LED or Flashing LED Trio button kit. Make your message POP with flashing LED buttons!




Here's how it 3 simple steps!

  • 1. Make a button as you would normally and then use our Metal Craft Punch to punch a 1/8” hole through the button.
  • 2. Take the flashing LED assembly and remove the tear away paper from the back and simply insert the LED through the hole you made in the button. (The flashing LED assembly includes a safety pin making it very easy to attach to clothing.)
  • 3. Then, remove the clear safety tab from under the on/off button and you are done!




And you have multiple display options too! At times you may not want the flashing LED directly in the center of the button. The bigger the button, the more options you have on where you can insert the flashing led assembly. If you move the LED too far outside the center of the button, it may not hang correctly.

But not to worry! We have many options to make sure your flashing artwork or message hangs straight:

1.5” Buttons: Mount the LED unit directly in the middle of button and use supplied safety pin.

2.25" Buttons: Gives you a little more room to move the LED around the surface of the button. To wear, you can simply use the supplied safety pin.

If your design requires the LED to be offset, you may use mag-tags, bulldog clips or bar pins. Or, use the new Flashing Trio LED


flashing button kit


Flexible 3" leads make for lots of placement possibilities. 3” and 3.5” Buttons: Much more room to move LED unit around. If necessary, you may use mag-tags, bulldog clips, or bar pins. LED button sets include all the components needed to make an effective marketing tool. Using a Flashing LED Trio gives you many more options for LED placement and is guaranteed to attract lots of attention.


To assemble a Flashing Trio Button set follow the steps as outlined above. Then, permanently affix the lead wires to the button back using Sticky Adhesive discs. Punching the hole in a button works best if you use our flashing button kit as you only have to punch a single layer (front shell) of metal. Our Metal Craft Punch will easily punch through two layers of metal as found in a standard pinback button (shell and pinback), but sometimes the punch can leave a small mark on the shell.

To eliminate this completely, you can simply use our flashing button kit. Have fun making your flashing LED buttons by experimenting to see what works best for your designs!

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