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Custom Button Badges

We have everything you need to make high quality button badges! Our top of the line button badge machines and supplies are perfect for custom button badge making.

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We also have badge reels conveniently worn on shirt pockets, belts, and collars!

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Our clear mylar (also known as plastics) covers the completed badge reels and protects them from dirt and stains. In addition, the mylar also enhances the colors of a printed graphic and makes the colors of your custom button badge pop!

One example of our Complete 3-Piece Button Badge Sets, which include: Shell, Mylar, and Pinback. (Note: You can also get a pinback for vertical/horizonal alignment or magnet use.)


button badge parts


You also have the freedom to make button badges that range from small and round to big and wide...and everything in between! Here are your size & button badge machine options.

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Many companies use button badges for name tags. Restaurants, grocery stores, banks, even bars...if you look closely, I bet you'll see button badges all around you. Why?

  • They are easy to make.
  • They don't cost a lot.
  • They are fun and look great!


So what sets ours apart? For one thing, our button badge supplies have a small oval pinhole, rather than the large round holes which some of our competitors use. The smaller pinholes in our pinback buttons are visually more appealing and reduce what is known as “pin rattle”. Also, as you can see, we don't have our name on the backs of our button badge supplies. This way you can put your name and information if you want to, making them true custom button badges.

button badge parts



Oh, and do you have a Badge-a-Minit Button Machine? We also offer Badge-a-Minit sized button sets. (Our Badge-a-Minit pinback button and button badge supplies are certified and guaranteed to work with your manual Badge-a-Minit Machine)

* We accept purchase orders for pinback button parts and supplies from schools and government institutions

* Our button makers and pinback button supplies are great for schools, promotional items, fundraising opportunities, and low cost business advertising! Start your own business today with one of our Professional Button Making Systems! Save



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