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Clix™ Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry

What Makes Clix™ So Great?

Among the many aspects of Clix™ that have made it one of our most highly-anticipated products ever, the single coolest thing about Clix™ magnetic interchangeable jewelry is that they have a magnet integrated right into the pendant. What does this mean? Convenience and cost savings, of course! With Clix™, you do not have to buy nor affix a magnet to the pendant. You just create your 1" buttons, snap them in, and you're good to go!

clix jewelry interchangeable jewelryinterchangeable magnetic jewelry bracelet

  Other Wonderful Aspects of Clix™ Magnetic Button Jewelry

Now let us count the additional ways that Clix™ pendant blanks are wonderful:

  • They are made of zinc alloy and then plated with a high-quality, nickel-free silver tone to create a polished, shiny finish.
  • Each pendant blank features decorative edging around the outside of the bezel, which beautifully accentuates your designs.
  • They are specifically designed for 1" buttons, which means that your Clix™ pendant is limited only by the horizon of your 1" button imagination.
  • Because of the strong hematite magnet embedded in the base of the pendant, flat back buttons fit and stay securely in the pendant base until you change them.
  • Changing the button in and out could only be easier with magic. All you do is press on the edge of button and - voila! - remove it.
  • Cleaning the Clix pendant also could only be easier with magic. If it requires cleaning, just wipe it off with a soft damp cloth. That's it.


What Can You Make With Clix Button Jewelry Parts? Anything you want!

Remember, you're just popping a simple one-inch flat-back button into the Clix™ pendant blank - there is no magnet required. So you can essentially design any type of pendant you choose based on what button you make.

  • Want to use your favorite photo? Go for it.
  • And to use an image or design you've created? Do so!
  • Have a child's artwork that you want to display? Make the button and "clix" it in!
  • Choose any design you want, make your button, and snap it into the pendant blank to create a unique, one-of-a kind piece of jewelry.

    Where To Use Clix

    Of course, you do not have to just make pendants for yourself. There are myriad ways and places that Clix™ Magnetic Interchangeable Pendant Blanks can be used. They are great for fundraisers, business promotions, school events, and more. Again, you are limited only by one thing: your imagination and ability to whip up a 1" button. And with all of the supplies and suggestions available here, that ability should be unlimited.

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