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Campaign Button Maker Kits

Available Sizes:

2 1/4" Campaign Button Maker Kit

3" Campaign Button Maker Kit

3 1/2" Campaign Button Maker Kit

Button Maker Models 225, 300 & 350 We have compiled a series of campaign button maker kits tailored specifically for making campaign buttons.

campaign button maker


Each Campaign Button Maker Kit Contains:

  • (1) Professional Button Machine
  • (1) Professional Punch Cutter
  • (500) Complete Buttons Sets
  • (1) Political Campaign Button Design CD
  • (1) Button Essentials Design CD
  • (2) Artistic Creation Design CD's
  • Three Months Free Access to Our Exclusive Build-a-Button Design Center


Campaign Button Making Systems Also Include Free Ground Shipping!

Need Help Designing Campaign Buttons?

Any political campaign must have perfect campaign buttons! We are throwing in our Political Campaign Design CD to get you started. Our Political Design Series allows you to make your own professional political campaign buttons. Simply add your own text to one of our 180 easy to use templates and you're ready to go! Whether you're running for U.S. President or Class President we've got the campaign button makers to help you make successful, sharp-looking campaign buttons.  


Need Campaign Button Software?

You can also use the Build-a-Button Online Design Center to design your campaign buttons!


Get 4 Free CDs with every Campaign Button Maker Kit Button Essentials Political Button Designs 1 Artistic Creation Series 1 Artistic Creation Series 2 Get helpful hints and tips here: How to Make Campaign Buttons | Tips for Making Campaign Buttons

Tips For Making Campaign Buttons

Over at The Button Blog, we posted a list of four essential tips for people making campaign buttons. They bear repeating briefly here for those of you who are about to go down the road of creating campaign buttons with your new machine, supplies, and accessories.

Tip 1 for Making Campaign Buttons: Easy-to-Read Text Size This one should be a no-brainer, but we're surprised how often it's not. The name and slogan (if included) on a campaign button need to be easily readable without people having their noses right on top of it. T

ip 2 for Making Campaign Buttons: Bold Color What good are campaign buttons if they do not capture peoples' attentions? They aren't. Choose a color that is both bold and relevant to ensure that your button does not go unnoticed.

Tip 3 For Making Campaign Buttons: Have a Catchy Slogan A relevant, catchy slogan can be the best friend of a successful campaign. A candidate's overarching ideal or value needs to be summed up as succinctly and memorably as possible so that potential voters have an easy way of remembering what a candidate stands for.

Tip 4 For Making Campaign Buttons: Choice of Shape/Type Most campaign buttons are the standard round variety. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is also nothing wrong with choosing a different shape as a way to stand out. Sometimes going against the grain, in this case a photo button or a square one, can actually make you more memorable.

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