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What Makes ABM's Button Making Machines the BEST Button Makers?

There are many reasons why we believe our button makers are the best button makers in the industry. Our button machines incorporate the finest materials and technology to consistently produce quality buttons time and time again. Our secret is the patented two-step button making process which allows you to make a button in less than 5 seconds! With a button maker from American Button Machines, you can easily create several hundred buttons an hour. Our machines incorporate a Cam-on-Roller design along with an effective fulcrum position requiring very little physical force to operate. In fact, our machines require so little effort; we have school children using them all over the world! 

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Another reason why a button machine from ABM is the best button maker you can buy it that our machines incorporate a low center of gravity and wide base, versus a tall tower system that could possibly tip over. Our button makers are made of steel yet designed so they are lightweight and portable. Mounting them is not necessary however they do have recessed mounting holes should you choose to permanently mount them.

Our button makers are the best because they are efficient, allowing you to make more buttons because you do not have to "stretch" to reach the handle. This is a major benefit if you are making a lot of buttons because you will not get fatigued as you would with a longer handled machine.

The two lower dies are designed to easily rotate around a center pivot. This increases production speed by reducing steps while requiring less energy to produce buttons. The ingenious pivot design requires no cumbersome pushing or pulling of dies back and forth. Unlike our competition, the metal dies have no compression rings to wear out, fall off, or misalign.

Our button makers are made from steel, not plastic or composite material. Our button makers are rugged, dependable and carry our Lifetime Warranty against defects! To get started you can follow our step-by-step button making tutorial, or watch our video on How to make buttons. Need more help? Please contact us, we are happy to assist you with any questions and make recommendations for choosing the right button equipment for your application. Return to the Button University Home Page.Save



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