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Button Necklace

Have fun accessorizing with your very own button necklace! I know what you’re thinking: "Wait, you mean a button machine merchant can help me make necklaces?" You bet we can!

Not only do we have a 1.5″ Necklace kit that works with paper or fabric buttons, we also have an adjustable necklace you can use to proudly and fashionably wear your button necklace. With the enormous popularity of personalized chunky necklaces, the 2.25″ Necklace kit was a no-brainer for us to bring to market.  



And now, because of the high demand, ABM also offers a necklace kit for 1.75" buttons. All you have to decide is which size button necklace kit is right for you: the 1.5″ button size, the 2.25″ button size or the newest 1.75" button size.

Monograms are perfect on our 1.5" and 1.75" necklaces. 2.25" necklaces are the ideal size for photo buttons (with a picture of a loved one, perhaps?). Looking for something a bit fancier? ABM also offers Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry, in the form Magneta Snaps and Clix.


Magnetic jewelry is all the rage and affords you the opportunity to easily switch looks on a daily basis. Magneta Snaps are versatile enough to be used as a keychain or purse jewelry. And what outfit would be complete without earrings? For your convenience ABM stocks both French Wire Earring Sets and Post Earring Sets.





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