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Best Button Maker For Schools

we accept purcahse orders from schools

Take advantage of our back-to-school specials! Schools and buttons are a perfect fit! From class elections to showing school spirit to recognizing a job well done, the possibilities for using buttons at school are endless. And this is why we have special button making kits designed just for schools!  


button maker for school



 Each School Button Maker Kit Contains:


  • (1) School, Sports, and Fun* Design CD
  • (1) Button Essentials Design CD
  • (2) Artistic Creations Design CD's
  • (3) Months free access to Build-a-Button Design Center


School Button Maker Kits are available in three sizes:

2.25" School Button System

3" School Button System

3.5" School Button System


Popular Button Designs for Schools

* - And what comes on the School, Sports, and Fun Design CD?


Check out some of the images below!


school designs for buttons



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