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Badge-a-Minit Parts and Supplies

Buy Badge-a-Minit compatible parts and supplies direct and save hundreds of dollars!

Certified and Guaranteed to work with your manual Badge-a-Minit Machines. What makes our button supplies better? Take a look at the images below.

 Difference #1 Notice that Badge-a-Minit has large round holes where the pin is inserted. Our supplies have a small, oval pinhole, which is more appealing visually and reduces what is known as “pin rattle”. Note:Our new Badge-a-Minit sized parts incorporate smaller round holes while significantly reducing pin rattle.

Difference # 2 Badge-a-Minit places their name and phone number on the back of their parts. Every button you sell is free advertising for Badge-a-Minit. When your customers need more supplies, they could call Badge a Minit instead of you!

Difference # 3 We take the worry and frustration out of using Badge-a-Minit button supplies. All of our BAM sized button parts have been designed specifically to fit Badge-a-Minit button machines and are certified and guaranteed to work with your Badge a Minit Machine. In fact, our customers tell us when they bought their Badge-a-Minit parts from Badge a Minit, they experienced unacceptable failure rates. Once they switched over to BAM parts from American Button Machines, it was like getting a new machine! What does this mean? You can rest easy knowing you are covered by our money back guarantee. We are so confident you will love our supplies, if you think our BAM parts do not work better than Badge-a-Minit's, simply return them for a refund.

Please note: Badge-a-Minit designs their pin back button supplies slightly larger than the rest of the industry. Therefore Badge-a-Minit pin back button supplies will not work with any button machine other than a Badge-a-Minit button machine.

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