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Build-a-Button Classic FAQs


This FAQ page is dedicated to our original version of Build-a-Button Classic and answers many frequently asked questions.

With the release of Build-a-Button 5.0 we incorporated many new incredible features that our customers have been asking for and you can find them by clicking the following link Build-a-Button 5.0


Build-a-Button Classic (version 1.0)

I am receiving a 404 Error.

Make sure you are signed into your account. If you signed into your account and still receive a 404 error, your memberships has expired. You may follow this link to renew your membership.  


Build-a-Button 1.0 does not seem to work for me. I am having trouble making and saving my button designs.

You must use a wired broadband connection for Build-a-Button to work properly. It is possible to use a wireless connection on some computers but we do not guarantee this option. We recommend that you use Firefox as your browser. Download the latest version here. Simple issues can be resolved by reloading the page. If you are still having trouble, delete and reinstall your browser with the latest version. Yes, believe it or not, it works!


I am receiving a Runtime Error.

Runtime errors are caused by not having the latest version of Flash installed. To ensure normal performance and to maximize your experience with the Build-a-Button 1.0 Online Design Center, install the latest version of Flash. (Make sure you have at least Flash 10 installed.)  


Does BAB 1.0 work with a Mac?

Yes it does, if you use Firefox as your browser.  


Do you offer training or technical support?

Yes, we have posted free in-depth How To video tutorials and these FAQs, which cover all the functionality of the Build-a-Button Online Design Center. For those who wish to have a more personal platform in which to learn, we do offer training and technical support by phone for a fee. You can always post real time design questions and search for answers on our Button Blog Discussion Forum.  


Can Build-a-Button 1.0 edit photos such as changing brightness, cropping and erasing?

Build-a-Button 5.0 is more powerful and offers many more editing features than our original 1.0 version. In BAB 1.0, we included an opacity tool to reduce the brightness of your original image. However you would want to use a dedicated photo editing program for cropping and erasing etc. Below is a list of some of the best free photo editing programs.

Can I print different designs on one page?

No, however you can select how many images you want to print on a single page. If you want to print multiple images on a single page you can cut and paste your completed designs into a photo editing program.  

How can I print images on 4x6 photo paper?

Simply cut and paste your finished image into one of the photo editors listed above. Then crop your image and print it out.  

I cannot open my saved image.

Windows’s default settings do not allow for auto-populating .jpg or .pdf file extensions. You can either manually add them to the end of your file name (photo.jpg or photo.pdf) as you are saving your file or you can follow this link to change your default computer settings and allow for auto-population of the file extensions. 

Why does it take so long to save an image?

There can be several reasons for this. Standard intermittent slowdowns of traffic across the web, saving large images, using an internet speed slower than DSL, or if your computer is behind a firewall at a school or place of business.  

Why do my printed button designs look grainy and pixilated?

The most common reason for this is using a low quality photo. If you download an image from the internet, it will usually be of low quality like 72dpi or 96dpi. You need at least a 300 DPI photo for it to look good when you print it. Build-a-Button has a built in image analyzer and will provide you with a low resolution warning if you try and upload a low quality image. If you are using a high resolution picture and your images are still printing poorly, make sure your printer is set to the best photo resolution it has and print on the best 24lb paper you can find.  

My images are not printing to the correct size.

Make sure your printer settings are set to print at 100% and not “reduce margins”, “scaling” or “fit to size”.  

I clicked on something and now I can’t see my image or text, what happened?

This is because of the professional layering capabilities of the Build-a-Button program. Your mouse probably clicked an element from the back of your design and brought it to the front. Layers are active and clicking on them will move them forward and backward within the design. You can also use the “background feature” to lock an image into place. Be sure to watch our How-To video on layers so you can learn to harness the power of this fantastic design feature.  

I work at a school and Build-a-Button does not work for me here.

Your school may be behind a firewall which does not allow access to our high speed servers.  

Why is there a red circle on the screen and does it print on my button designs?

The red circle shows you the image area of the button and it is automatically deleted when you save an image to your computer.  

I make onsite buttons at craft fairs and tradeshows; can I download the Build-a-Button application?

Sorry no, Build-a-Button is strictly an online design center.  

I cannot open a PDF file.

You need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open a PDF file. Click here it download Adobe Reader for free.  

I have to scroll too much to see the top and bottom of my screen. What can I do to view it all on one page?

Build-a-Button was designed to fit the entire application on a single screen without having to scroll. Simply adjust your monitor's resolution until it fits on your screen while still big enough to view.  

If I am having a login issue, how do I clear my cache and manage cookies?

Click for step-by-step instructions: Save


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