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Pre-Cut Paper Circles for 2.25" Pinback Buttons - American Button Machines

Pre-Cut Paper Circles for 2.25" Pinback Buttons

  • $19.95
SKU: #225PC-W

Convenient, pre-cut paper circles for making buttons are perfect for art projects, promoting fundraising events, showing school spirit and more!

Precut paper circles make it quick and easy to make pinback buttons for schools, libraries and home art projects.  Simply draw, stamp or color your design on the circle and then make a button to show off your creation! Cut circles are made to order and non-returnable.

Paper circles are available in 4 sizes and 6 brilliant colors specifically designed to enhance those captivating creations!  ABM pre-cut paper circles are 24 lb paper, which is ideal for all American Button Machines, and come to you cut to the exact size needed to make a perfect button every time.  

Available in 100 piece packages for buttons in sizes 1.5", 2.25", 3" or 3.5".  Choose from bright white, yellow, lime green, light blue, bright orange and bright pink. 

Industry standard size, not for use in Badge-a-Minit Machines. 

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