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Key Chains

Keychains do more than just hold keys to vehicles, homes and businesses. They also reflect the senses of style, values and personalities of the people who use them. Creating custom keychains is an excellent way to advertise or promote a group or business or to add a line of custom made accessories to your retail store.

American Button Machines has all of the supplies that you need to begin producing your own keychains easily and affordable. Our high quality keychain button supplies are sold in complete sets with the button supplies; mylar, shell and back along with all the accessories needed for assembly. A button machine is needed to press all the button pieces together. If you’re unsure what type of button keychain is right for your needs, purchase one of our Deluxe Sample Packs and try out the various options available. We also sell complete sets of keychains in packages of 100, 500 and 1000.

In addition to our button key ring sets, American Button Machines sells the individual key rings in split rings, snap hook and c-hook styles. These can be used not only with button keychains but with many other DIY keychain designs and our interchangeable jewelry line of Magneta Snaps.



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