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Ultimate Extended Warranty - Button Maker | Large

  • $104.95

American Button Machines is proud to announce our unbelievably mind-blowing, all-encompassing (almost*) Ultimate Extended Warranty Coverage with labor protection. (Whew, that’s a lot.)

We are very proud of the lifetime warranty that is included for free with all our pinback button machines. But we understand…sometimes accidents can happen. That’s why we developed the best extended warranty the world has ever seen!

Okay, that might be a little strong. Let’s tone it down a little and humbly state, we are happy to offer the best button maker machine warranty in the world! Better?

In all seriousness, our button making machines are made from industrial grade steel and built to last. However, we wanted to give you peace of mind for things that can happen that are out of yours and our control. That is why we created a No Questions Asked Ultimate Extended Warranty that is basically a license to break the machine, and we will repair or replace it for free.

Ultimate Extended Warranty for Large Button Makers

3” & 3.5” Round Button Makers
$99.95 | 3 Years Full Coverage
(Add $40.00 more for Lifetime Coverage*)

What Parts of the Button Makers are Covered?

  • 100% parts and labor covered with no deductibles
  • 3 year coverage from date of purchase with optional lifetime coverage*
  • We will repair your warrantied equipment for free! No Questions Asked!
  • If we cannot repair it, we will send you a new one! Guaranteed!

Our all-inclusive warranty is great for schools or businesses where more than one person is allowed to operate the machine. Occasionally it has been known to come in handy for husbands who like to “tinker” with things.

What Kind of Damage is Covered?

  • Neglect
  • User Error
  • Tune Ups
  • Misuse & Abuse
  • Normal Wear and Tear
  • Unauthorized Modifications
  • Anything Your Sister Did to It
  • Anything Your Brother Did to It
  • Anything Your Husband Did to It
  • Liquid, Solid and Volcanic Immersion
  • Anything That Can Ever Happen to It, Except for Theft
  • Earthquake, Tornado, Flood, War, Riot and Most Importantly: Nuclear Events or Zombie Attacks

Examples of Coverage
  • Knock it off the table? Covered!
  • Fell off the back of your Explorer? Covered!
  • Discover the last person “did something to it”? Covered!
  • Did your “Mr. Fixit” try and fix it and now he has parts left over? Covered!
  • Throw it off a mountainside? If you can find all the pieces then that’s covered, too!

Ultimate Extended Button Machine and Punch Cutter Warranties can be purchased only at the time of sale on qualifying button machines and paper punches.

*Ultimate extended warranty is valid for the original purchaser and excludes theft. All parts of machine must be returned with any claim including unaltered serial number. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer. Warranties are strictly valid for a single use claim during the entire warranty period. Once equipment is repaired or replaced under warranty, customers may purchase a new warranty if they desire to continue coverage.

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