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Reviews American Button Machines



Wondering what other folks like you are saying about American Button Machines? Here are some reviews straight from the mouths of our customers!

Reviews of our button machines and customer service:

"I have to tell you I am very impressed with your service. I ordered the button machine with cutter and received it in 2 days! Then I ordered some supplies and also received them in 2 days. Prior to purchasing your machine I had requested information from another company and it took 2 weeks just to get the information. Needless to say it is your company that I will recommend and be purchasing my supplies from! It is also your company that a friend recommended to me. Word of mouth must be the best advertising." ~ P. Hoover, Knoxville, TN "Your button machines are great! My last machine seemed to eat more buttons than it made. Your machines are very well made. In fact I liked my 2.25” machine so much, I came back and ordered a 3” machine!" ~ Carrie M., Boston, MA "I initially chose your company because of your using American labor. As a Union member and proud American, I usually buy Union if possible, American if Union made isn't available. Your machine certainly lived up to my expectations of a quality product! We really have a kick making "fun" buttons for family and friends. They are unique and appreciated. It is easy to see (look at prices for buttons on the web) how a person could easily turn this into a profitable business with minimal initial investment, adding other machines and sizes a little at a time. Sincerest thanks for providing Americans the option of buying American!" ~ L. Duncan, Clackamas, Oregon


Reviews of Build-a-Button Online Design Center:

"FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC, FANTASTIC....I could say that a thousand times! Thank you so much for such a fantastic program. I've paid for another program from a competitor...but theirs does not have the ability your program has. It made my project so easy to do and print! It's worth a million...but I hope you will keep it at the same "price" you have it now. LOL." ~ Seymour B., Dallas, TX "I am not a "graphic" person, so the other programs that have button capabilities are way over my head! I would love to make buttons for my Sunday School kids for achievements and just plain fun! This online button maker from American Button Machines is the BEST! I love it.. very easy to use." ~ M. Schaefer, Bloomington, IN "Thank you, thank you, thank you! For so long now I have been fighting with Avery rounds to make buttons. The size is always wrong with too much waste. I have fought with Corel and found it not to user friendly and take a lot of time to set up. Print shop and Picture It sort of worka but not too well. The size was perfect for my die punch on my old antiquated button machines that are 40 years old." ~ T. Cheaney, Atlanta, GA


Thank you all for the kind words! We'll keep working hard to inspire sentiments like these as long as we're in business!Save


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