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BaB Reviews of American Button Machines

We are blessed to have wonderful customers who are willing to tell us how much they appreciate our products and customer service. Here is a sampling of some of the kind comments we've been fortunate to receive from so many of you!


Reviews of the Build-a-Button Online Design Center:

  "Love this very much! Very easy, very clear and perfect for being able to design buttons for those who do not want to tackle anything as scary as Photoshop" ~ K. Agnew, Indianapolis, IN  

"I LOVE IT !!!! This is the best button design software out there, and I have used them all." ~ G. Harbers, Minneapolis, MN  

"I love being able to make just one button design and then use it as the master and add to all the button templates. I usually have to make one design and then copy and paste all the separate parts to each template...very time consuming! This is HUGE for me ! Thank you soooooooo much!" ~ Greg W., Wichita, KS

Reviews of American Button Machines products and service:

  "I must write to tell you that we have had so much fun with our button machine! I've always thought it would be fun to do buttons and originally ordered it thinking it would be a fun thing to do as a craft for my son's high school class. Haven't made it to class yet but the ENTIRE neighborhood has gotten into making buttons. We have students in and out of the house at all hours of the day and night making buttons. They have gotten very creative, using stickers or making up their own original art designs. And of course the CD's full of graphics have been a huge hit. You have a repeat customer for life and I will recommend you to our friends and family. We'll be back to find more fun things from your company. Thanks so much!" ~Cassie and Greyson, Richardson, TX  

"To whom it may concern: I don't write reviews for products I've purchased but I am so pleased with my 3 in 1 system that I had to write this one. I received my order very quickly and started making buttons right away. I have been making 100's of buttons of different sizes with no issues (unlike the other 3 in 1 system I have from one of your competitors). Your system is so simple and fast. I was a little concerned of the price at first but after making a lot of buttons I quickly realized the price was well worth the ease of use and every button coming out perfect. I am now a life time customer of American Button Machines and will recommend you to anyone who asks me. American Button Machines has great service and great products. Keep up the good work. Thanks," ~ Patrick F, Stafford, TX  

"Hi guys! I have made over 5,000 buttons so far without one defect! Your machines are awesome!" ~ Barry S., Flagstaff, AZSaveSaveSave



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