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Complete 10pc Rosette Kit - American Button Machines

Complete 10pc Rosette Kit

  • $41.95
SKU: #SR3-10

3 1/2" Rosettes - for use with 2 1/4" buttons. Our Easy-Step Rosette Kit includes 10 colorful satin finished rosettes, each with 2 (1 5/8") dovetail streamers. Also includes 10 complete prong back button components: Mylar, Shell and Prong-Back to make custom buttons. Rosette and streamer colors are: Blue, Red, White, Yellow, Purple, Green, Pink, Light Blue, Orange and Black. Industry standard size, not for use in Badge-a-Minit Machines. Standard place colors for sports: 1st - Blue 2nd - Red 3rd - White 4th - Yellow 5th - Purple 6th - Green 7th - Pink 8th - Light Blue 9th - Orange 10th - Black

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