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Magneta-Snaps™ and Clix™: The Era of Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry Is Here!

Right here, today, we are introducing three new products to the ABM line. In addition to Magneta-Snaps™ we also quite excited to introduce Clix™ bracelets and pendants. You going to love these products.

Pre-Release New Product Announcement: Magneta-Snaps™ Interchangeable Jewelry

Coming this February, we will be introducing ABM's very own line of 'Magneta-Snaps' Interchangeable Jewelry, or simply Magneta-Snaps for short.

New Product Announcement: Black Velvet Gift Bag and DIY Foldable Purse Hanger

Thanksgiving is over, Christmas is just around the corner, and we're back with yet another announcement of new products! This time we have two fun, useful new accessories for your button making and gift-giving pleasure.

Introducing New Button Product #3: Button Bracelets!

ABM is proud to introduce into the button marketplace a product never-before-seen at the 1" size: button bracelets.

Introducing New Button Product #2: Deluxe Foam Discs

Today, it's time to officially roll out new button product #2: deluxe foam discs, which come ready-to-use with an easy pull tab, is that they allow you to apply flat back buttons to badge reels in (literally) a snap, easily and with no glue necessary.


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