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American Button Machines Featured in Primetime!

Law and Order SVU is one of the most successful shows in the history of American television. One of the consistent elements of the show that has made it such a hit with viewers is L&O's use of guest stars. Two of the more prominent and talked about L&O guest star appearances occurred on March 3rd, 2010 and on April 28th, 2008. That's right, look at the pictures below. The guest stars to whom we are referring should jump right out at you! robin-williams-button

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What, you thought we were talking about Robin Williams and Kathy Griffin?

As talented and accomplished as they are (especially Williams), we are of course more concerned with the pinback buttons their characters are wearing. In each of their respective episodes, Williams' and Griffins' characters are advocating specific causes.

And what better way to express their advocacy than with pinback buttons!?

When the producers of Law & Order SVU knew that they needed pinback buttons for the Williams episode, which aired in 2008, they contacted us. We were able to set them up with one of our professional button making systems, which took care of all their button making needs for that particular episode.

When the Griffin episode rolled around a couple of years later, we were very pleased that they decided to use us again.

So the next time you see a TV or movie character wearing a pinback button, just remember that it very well might have been made using the same button machine and button supplies that you use!

Brighid Brown - Director of Blogging and All Things Cool at ABM

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