Schools + Buttons = The Perfect Match
School Buttons
School is back in session, which provides the perfect opportunity for us to discuss the many reasons why buttons and schools are a perfect match.

Among the many ways buttons can and are used by schools:

  • class elections
  • in arts & crafts classes
  • as a small business exercise
  • to teach young students how to use simple machines
  • to show school spirit (mascot buttons!)
  • as name badges
  • for recognizing a job well done (ABC’s, knowing multiplication tables, etc.)
  • on photo buttons for sports teams and clubs
  • many, many more!

School Photo Button
At American Button Machines, we we do accept purchase orders from schools, many of whom take advantage to acquire one of our beginner button making sets either for individual classes or teachers, or for use by the entire school.

Our money saving systems are perfect for schools and come with everything needed for a button making project…including 3 CDs worth of free button making graphics and free shipping!

Learn more about our Beginner Button Making System and Professional Button Making System.

But there’s more!!!

We also offer a complete line of photo button making systems that are perfect for use as keepsake makers for parents of kids who participate in athletics, the band, or other clubs!

Learn more about our:

2 1/4″ Photo Button Machine System
3″ Photo Button Machine System
3 1/2″ Photo Button Machine System

(Remember: Photo buttons make great fundraisers!)

And with useful accessories like our easel backs, photo buttons can become even more desirable as a perfect desk accoutrement.

Schools: Take advantage of our “Free Shipping Special” on all Button Maker Systems!

American Button Machines, where “Made in the USA” still means quality!