Some helpful hints and tips for making campaign buttons:
Campaign Button
If you are a candidate running for office, the time is always “NOW” to start getting your name out there. Similarly, if you are planning to promote the cause of a candidate, the right time to start is as soon as possible…not later.

And that means you need to start thinking about campaign buttons!

Campaign buttons are the most popular campaign promotional tool for a reason: they are effective, both from a cost and marketing standpoint. This page provides some simple tips for making them.

The steps:

Make the decision to start campaigning and promoting now!
Prepare your campaign button graphics with our easy-to-use Design CD’s or the Build-a-Button Online Design Center.
Determine which campaign button making system is right for you.
Make campaign buttons!

Creating Campaign Button Graphics

Obviously, creating customized graphics in an important component of successful campaign button making. YOU are the one running office, so you can’t use someone else’s buttons, buy them ready-made from a store, or simply use generic graphics. The goal of the campaign button is to have one more vehicle for getting YOUR name (or your candidate’s name) out there.

Luckily for you, we make this extremely easy to do.

Our Series One Campaign Button Design CD provides multitudes of templates that can be opened using virtually any graphics program and are ready for your photo, your name, the office you’re running for, and even a slogan. This CD is the perfect tool for creating professional, memorable, effective campaign buttons.

In fact, Series One has 180 different templates for you to use for a variety of different button sizes. If you like options, you can also get Series Two and Series Three, both of which contain 180 more campaign button templates each. In total, that is 540 campaign button templates to choose from, which means there is literally something for everyone.

After you have your template chosen and customized, this campaign button tutorial video will help you to print efficiently by showing you how to copy the graphic across the entire page.

And now, let’s break down what to do once your graphics are printed and ready to go:

Making Campaign Buttons